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Erato Lamiae's Journal
11 most recent entries

Date:2004-04-15 19:51
Subject:Recollect Of Future
Mood: relaxed

I remember the field... Wheat, barley; so many crops of havest and all made with the toil of man and woman's hand. Each with troubles, others with heartbreak and all such a harmonious union of life, that it made us cry.

And now. The extremes have so altered. Some forthrighteously full of passion and others so devoid, they would fear it at first, if they knew.


What are we to make of this?

Some of us tear the fabric, hoping to communicate, ellucidate, educate or merely make merry with fun. Others lament the progress. They see... They do not comprehend. They write for themselves of only one path to where it can lead.

And how many paths have never been followed?

How many dooms have been proclaimed and never known to be?

Both I and the Sisterhood do think chaos can be a good thing, a liberating thing, if shown wisely above all. For what is above all? Above all is love and passion and energy to lever the very heavens.

For this, we need man and woman. We may exist without. But we would be so much less than we are.

I would rather have form, darlings, than be without.

These are not my creations, for they are some of your own - but do not mistake, they can be worthy and accomplish a great many tasks. Indeed, they have done so and yet many choose to forget what they had achieved so well.

So let us teach them. Let us empassion them. Let us free them.

Have them break their chains of mediocrity.

That time should be over for now.

Allow me your innermost thoughts
Date:2002-07-09 01:57
Mood: refreshed

My writer seems to have rediscovered my famed inspiration!

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Date:2002-06-21 02:03
Subject:Starting To Awake
Mood: lethargic

Oh my word... Has it been that long? I really should involve myself some more.

Allow me your innermost thoughts

Date:2002-04-12 03:03

I came back...

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Date:2002-03-25 23:07
Subject:Gifts Of Intimacy
Mood: loved

Just who amongst you arranged for such wonderful tokens of affection...?

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Date:2002-03-21 18:31
Subject:That Morning After The Latest Night Of Hedonism Before
Mood: annoyed

My name is Erato of the Lamiae.

I will not be treated with disrespect. No god nor mortal is allowed this...

The party most certainly started out well enough. There was a magnificent congregation, comprised from all sorts of creatures. Some of them from this world and more from others. As usual, I charmed them all - what else would you expect from a Muse? Then proceeded to join and partake of the general festivities with applause.

It was not long before one particular specimen caught my wandering eye. A deity of war, no less, who happened upon us. Quite the dancer... Not to mention a flatterer.

Now, blue hair is not precisely the most natural of styles, so being the recipient of jibes about a 'box dance' from a girl who wears it was my first clue of oddity.

Well, to cut a long story exceedingly short with all the sharpness of a razor blade, my potential suitor for the evening got a little too obsssive about a certain blonde I overheard as being named 'Gabrielle' which, needless to say, was quite offensive behaviour.

I felt pity for the poor dark haired vampiress there. Almost a kindred spirit. She seemed anxious yet hopeful about something there. She left soon and, it would seem, found misery for her trouble.

In matters of romance I can somewhat identify with this Princess of fangs. I had enough with jealous betrayal and do not play seconds, as it does not and never will suit me...

The red haired vampire was far more fun. We really should meet up again some time.

I am in the mood for a massacre. She can join me.

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Date:2002-03-18 20:53
Subject:Oh Dear
Mood: rushed

No time to write.

You can view later.

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Date:2002-03-18 04:37
Subject:Missing Someone Important
Mood: bitchy


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Date:2002-03-16 23:21
Subject:To the Party
Mood: happy

I like the guest list. Haven't been to one like this in, oh, it must be several months now... Should be fun!

I asked the sisterhood, but most of my brethren seem to have other plans. Thespia in particular would have liked this one...

What kind of entertainment might they have there? Only one way to find out for sure... Hopefully most will be of a male gender. Perhaps they'll auction one.

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Date:2002-03-09 16:39
Subject:A Recent Matter
Mood: aggravated

Well, my dear friends, after perusing such a wealth of thoughts and desire, only the matter of akashaofkemet has troubled me.

Neither I nor my sisters have quarrel with her, but the Lamiae will not stand for being ordered in such ways as her most recent request commanded.

There are only two reasons to seat yourself openly in power: Either you are mad or you wish to be so.

I will be hoping to write more here soon. Poetry fills me as it has always done. Something more apt is needed to muse me back to my former calmness...

'At the mid hour of night, when stars are weeping, I fly
To the lone vale we loved, when life shone warm in tine eye;
And I think that, if spirits can steal from the regions of air
To revisit past scenes of delight, thou wilt come to me there,
And tell me our love is remembered even in the sky.

'Then I sing the wild song it once was such rapure to hear,
When our voices commingling breathed like one on the ear;
And as Echo far off through the vale my sad orison rolls,
I think, O my love! 'tis thy voice from the Kingdom of Souls
Faintly answering still the notes that once were so dear.'
- Thomas Moore (1779-1852)

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Date:2002-03-04 23:53
Subject:Another Leisurely Day...

Well, let me see now, my dear, darling journal. Wherever to begin? Much would depend on you, in so far as that regard might speak of...

So many use this method now that it hardly seemed appropriate for me to stay basked in the shadows for too much longer.

So yes, this is my first step - a foray if you will, to this world of electricity and thoughts. Not particularly a stranger, but still, a worthwhile companion indeed. That is, assuming it works... Much does not.

I used two so's there. Did you see? Two entire paragraphs starting only with them! Good heavens... I really should check myself when feeling so lethargic.

Oh dear.

Another 'so'.

Well not to worry. There are those out there, I am sure, who still wait for the words of Erato. Perhaps, pray tell, had they chosen this they would find them sooner?

Or not at all?

Begger's wish, my friend... Not all can talk.

It must be time to go once more. My mind is wandering.

I need a celebration. Something to honour of a high enough value.

Possibly another lover.

No - they can worship me...

Allow me your innermost thoughts

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