eratolamiae's Journal

Erato Lamiae
Erato, vampiress born from the legendary Sisterhood of Lamiae.

Please, allow me to introduce myself...

"When a character is born he immediately acquires such an independence... Even from his own author... That everyone can imagine him in a whole host of situations in which his author never thought of placing him... They can even imagine his acquiring, sometimes, a significance that the author never dreamt of giving him." - Father, 'Six Characters in Search of an Author', by Luigi Pirandello.

I think that says it all, don't you...?

Yes, you may view me as 'fictional'. I am indeed a character being written for a book at this moment in time. Personally, I dislike being termed as a 'myth'... I was merely discovered by the author - not invented. If you search for me, I am to be found in various stories around the world.

"Our position in other respects is such as you used to cheer my despondency by telling me it would be - one of great dignity and popularity: This is a return to old times for you and me effected, my brother, by your patience, high character, loyalty, and, I may also add, your conciliatory manners. The house of Licinius, near the grove of Piso, has been taken for you. But, as I hope, in a few months' time, after the 1st of July, you will move into your own. Some excellent tenants, the Lamiae, have taken your house in Carinae. I have received no letter from you since the one dated Olbia. I am anxious to hear how you are and what you find to amuse you, but above all to see you yourself as soon as possible. Take care of your health, my dear brother, and though it is winter time, yet reflect that after all it is Sardinia that you are in."
- Letter from Cicero to his brother Quintus (in Sardinia) Rome, 12 February, 56 BCE.

There! You see! I can assure you my form was quite real to them! Or at least, that of my cherished sisterhood...

My personal history is a cloaked one, as is that of all my race. There will be no telling for you exactly how long I have existed, though I will remark that my preesence graced both Greece and Rome, during their more... Excessive periods. Egypt was quite the marvel. China, Japan and India are not unknown destinations either.

Down the centuries my path has led. Mostly enjoying the pleasure that respectful cultures have to offer and neither choosing a side named 'good', nor one called 'bad', but rather somewhere 'between'. However, I am not averse to helping and, should I be treated right, have a vast sum of knowledge to offer in history and magic alike. When dealing with me, it is wise to keep in mind respect will get you far, as I has little patience for rudeness and intimidation is a game I know well.

Those of elder supernature know of my kind.

Quite what they realise is another story altogether...

Would you care to find out or simply remember me with kindness?